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Updated: 9/17/2009 - 4:04 AM

DWI charge benches Heaney
Parent, coaches beg for reversal of punishment
  19 comments below

A star running back on the Porters football team has been charged with drunk driving and will not be allowed to suit up for the Greenport/Southold/Mattituck team's opening game Friday night against Hampton Bays.

School officials suspended 17-year-old Sean Heaney, a three-sport athlete, from participating in school sports for the remainder of the year. The senior was arrested for driving while intoxicated after an Aug. 23 car wreck on Front Street in Greenport, police reported this week.

Scholar athletes in Greenport sign a contract that prohibits players from possessing or using drugs or alcoholic beverages with the knowledge that such behavior would result in blocking them from participation in or attendance at all extra-curricular activities.

Mr. Heaney's father, Kerry Heaney, protested the punishment at Wednesday during the Greenport school board's meeting. He was joined by his son, coaches, parents and his son's teammates. Sean Heaney shouldn't be punished for an alleged offense, his father told the board.

Other speakers at the meeting said they were not opposed to punishment, but that the arrest should not block the athlete from playing this fall at a time when the all-division player is being evaluated by college football scouts for a possible scholarship.

It could make or break his future, they argued. Sean Heaney also wrestles and plays lacrosse at school.

Board members said they can't act unless an offical appeal is made protesting Sean Heaney's expulsion from the football team and other activities. Kerry Heaney said after the meeting that he will decide within the next week whether to file an appeal or take other actions on his son's behalf.

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19 comments found

boINVmfeQvxRFWeHE : 6/7/2012
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QsPbDHRexlfavbSkwGL : 6/5/2012
That definetly is a norraw view, considering the argue from both perspectives. Firstly the people of Cornwall's desperate need for a stadium, and for the future of sport in Cornwall. To critise this seems slightly illogical considering Cornwall must be one of the only counties in the country without a stadium. Furthering this are the pure facts. An illustration being the pirates who play just one league below some of the most talented rugby players on the planet.From the planning perspective, from my knowledge in order to 'jump through the hoops' sustainability is key to every issue addressed within the plans whether its social,democratic,economic etc. To take a short term view perhaps isn't particularly justified.

Greenport Discipline : 4/13/2012
Kerry Heaney died of broken heart from Commanda and Kozara! He was so proud of his so

sean heaney dwi : 3/5/2010
I would like to start out by saying that we are talking about a child here people... Let's consider the facts here.. Sean is an honor roll student, a star athlete , and a CHILD who has never been in trouble before.
Sean not only is a child but a product of his environment.. We all remember how it was to be a kid with the pressures of adult hood right around the corner .. Your senior year of high school and getting ready for college. No one desirves the humiliation that Sean has faced.. Especially from adults
Like yourselfs.. The courts will do their jobs and we should do ours and forgive this CHILD for the mistake he made..
Maybe one day u will need him as your attorney .... Ha!

: 9/14/2009
In my mind this issue surrounding Sean being able to play school sports or not comes down to just how much power are we as parents expected to relinquish to the state in the raising of our children. This unfortunate episode occured in what was until recently entirely outside the traditional responsibility of school officials. Yet somehow they feel justified in involving themselves where I feel they don't belong. Where will we draw the line on state intrusion into our homes? I'm all for holding EVERYONE responsible for their behavior but let the parents and the court system handle it. This punishment is entirely out of line.

: 9/14/2009
Participation on a sports team is a privilege and not a right. It is something that must be earned by having a certain level of skill, keeping a certain grade point average, and a certain code of behavior. What message are we sending to our youth if we continue to bend the rules every time they become inconvenient? If you want to play, follow the rules. Life’s lessons are sometimes very hard but often time we are better off having learned them.

role models : 9/13/2009
I believe everybody deserves a second chance,..... teacher's, student's, parents and coach's. I have know idea what my children will do in the future, despite my parental supervision. I only hope that if they do find trouble, the school will not totally dismiss any chances they have for future

DWI charge benches Heaney : 9/13/2009
come on people-let he who is without sin cast the first stone. we all make mistakes and we all learn from our actions-good or bad. this young man made a mistake, one that could have had tragic results, but thank God, it didn't. he will stand a fair trial in a court of law to be judged. why does the school feel they also have to step in and cast their high and mighty declaration of guilt. sean will deal with the law for his actions, the schools job is to educate. maybe the students observe their teacher get dwi's and figure it must be ok because they're still teaching us. maybe the students observe their peers get caught drinking and smoking pot at play offs and figure it must be ok because they're still playing sports. maybe the students know about some of their teamates committing heinous crimes and figure it must be ok because they're suited up right next to us . . . my point: lets not be hypocrites but rather mentors to our young people. have open discussions about proper conduct and treat each student individually for their actions. perhaps the contracts need to be revised so that one infraction does not ruin the rest of their school year and perhaps the rest of their life. maybe we need to reevaluate how best to teach our youngsters about responsibility and the consequences of poor judgment. maybe we need to ask ourselves "what would Love do?"

: 9/13/2009
He should be allowed to play. he has not yet been convicted of anything, and in the great county of the United States the law clearly states innocent untill provent guilty. The contract that players have to sign is just a way for the school to not be responsibile for things such as this matter. If the student doesn't sign the contract they are not allowed to participte in sports. This leaves the student no choice but to agree to these rules. Yes the actions taken by this player were irresponsible, and was a big mistake. To the other comments about being a role model, there are 4 teachers on the greenport high school staff with dwi charges againist them. Not one of these cases was the teacher suspended for a whole year or given any punishment by the school. If these are the people who are susposed to be educating our young people and they get away with dwi charges what are we teaching our kids? That it's ok for them because they're the teachers. That does not sound very fair. Let the court give out the punishment and let the school worry about educating kids instead of something that did not even happen in the school let alone during the school year.

DWI-sports : 9/13/2009
Forget the contract.. he is well underage. Far too many "kids" today have a "You can't touch me attitude" and most of it stems from parents who want to be friends and not take the time to be parents. They'll have plenty of friends... be a parent... be a coach. Let the example stay... bench him. Pain is an effective learning tool!

: 9/13/2009
If they weren't punished, then shame on the school. Hopefully the new Super will have the guts to do the right thing!

DWI : 9/12/2009
Yes he did in fact sign a contract that stated if he acted irresponsibly he could lose his privilege to play sports. However, when several Greenport HS athletes were caught with alcohol at a state high school championship, they weren't given any punishment at all! These students signed the same contract and were not benched. Apparently, in some cases you can do wrong and expect nothing to happen. I guess a contract isn't always a contract.

: 9/12/2009
He should be punished and rightly so. He could have killed himsef or others. Apparently he doesn't think or care about the future or his future aspirations or read contracts. My question is where were his parents. Shame on him, shame on them.

: 9/12/2009
GOOD FOR YOU!!! He should NOT be allowed to play...I completely agree. Being that he is underage, the courts are going to let it go, which means NO PUNISHMENT. You can't do the wrong and then expect nothing to happen. Our children laugh in the faces of authority because they know that if they whine enough or their parents whine enough, they will get their way...SHAME SHAME....Accept responsibility for your actions!!

Role Model : 9/11/2009
You represent the school off the campus. You represent the school after school hours. Athletics is a privilege not a right. You want your name in the paper on Thursdays, parades through town when you win, and parents to raise money when your sport is threatened but don't want the responsibility when you act irresponsibly? Don't play.

DWI : 9/11/2009
If he signed the contract then he must adhear to its provisions. The time to object to it was before he signed it not after he screwed up! How will our young adults learn RESPONSIBILITY if they aren't held accountable? Shame on the school if they let him play. It will make them look foolish and weak.

DWI : 9/11/2009
Agreed. My kids have the same contract at our school (Mattituck). I could never understand how the school districts felt they had a right to discipline a student for infractions that occur outside school hours and off school property. Isn't that the responsibility of the parents and the court system? Give 'em hell, Kerry.

DWI : 9/10/2009
He should be allowed to play,he will be punished enough by the judge.You shouldn't punish for non school incidents.

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