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Updated: 4/2/2010 - 3:18 PM

Bishop to vote 'yes' on health care reform bill   22 comments below

Congressman Tim Bishop (D-Southampton) announced Friday that he will vote in favor of the health care reform bill in the U.S. House of Representatives.

He issued a statement about 2:30 p.m. that appears here unedited and in its entirety:

“Long Islanders are not known for holding back their opinions, and I have had blunt conversations with literally thousands of constituents about health care.  I have listened to deep, passionate feelings on both sides and I respect those opinions.  I have heard from thousands of my constituents and from Americans across the country who are for or against the bill.  Despite much disagreement about reform, however, there is broad recognition that the status quo either isn't working or isn't sustainable.


“The health care bill is not a perfect piece of legislation nor has it been crafted through a perfect process.  As someone wiser than me once put it, the last perfect piece of legislation was handed down from a mountaintop on two stone tablets.  


“When you peel back all the special interests, all the lobbying, all the fear, and examine the facts, it boils down to two simple questions, 1.) “Does this legislation improve upon a status quo that is failing millions of Americans and will soon be unsustainable for millions more?”  I believe the answer is yes. And, 2.) “Whose side am I on—the side of the working families in my district like the one I grew up in, or the insurance companies?”  I choose the families.


“This legislation will level the playing field between working families and insurance companies, save lives by insuring 30 million more Americans and keep Medicare solvent by finally cracking down on waste, fraud and abuse.  I am pleased that the reconciliation process corrected several deal-breakers for me in the Senate bill, notably the side deals worked out for states such as Nebraska and a provision related to Medicaid funding that would have cost New York several billion dollars.  Another important factor was the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office's analysis that estimates this bill will reduce the long term debt by over $1.3 trillion.


“This legislation takes several important steps to lower costs and make coverage more affordable.  It includes tort reform, holds insurance companies accountable for keeping down premiums, prevents denials of care and coverage for pre-existing conditions, and will create a health care insurance marketplace that will give millions of Americans the kinds of options enjoyed today by all federal employees, including Members of Congress.


“There are a number of benefits that will begin immediately:

• Reduces the prescription drug ‘donut hole' by $250 and provides a 50 percent discount on brand-name drugs, while eventually eliminating the donut hole altogether.

• Provides free preventative services and immunizations for Medicare beneficiaries.

• Helps those who are currently uninsured because of a pre-existing condition enter the temporary high-risk pool.

• Helps small businesses that provide coverage to their employees take advantage of a tax credit of up to 35% of premiums.

• Creates a $10 billon fund to finance a temporary reinsurance program to help offset the costs of expensive health claims for employers that provide health benefits for retirees age 55-64.

• Prohibits health insurance companies from placing lifetime caps on coverage.

• Extends coverage to young people, allowing them to remain on their parents' insurance policy until their 26th birthday.

• Provides new investment in training programs to increase the number of primary care doctors, nurses, and public health professionals.


“I will cast my vote to put Long Islanders back in charge of their health care and expand options for families and small businesses in my district.  Over the next few months, I look forward to working with my constituents to help make this legislation work for you.  If you have any questions about these benefits or any other aspect of health care reform, please don't hesitate to contact my office to see how we can help.”

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22 comments found

healthcare : 3/22/2010
Thank you Mr. Bishop. You are courageous, and I applaud you

: 3/22/2010
Another politician that failed ECON 101 -- I shouldn't be surprised. What's next - legalize all the landscapers for your Southampton friends? Don't worry Timmy, we'll see you in November. We have long memories. ELECT RANDY ALTSCHULER!!!!

: 3/22/2010
Gee, Tim Bishop voted exactly the way Nancy Pelosi told him to, what a surprise. I wonder what they offered him for his vote; probably nothing because he is a schmuck. yet another DC dirt bag who put his party and his personal views above those of the people he is supposed to represent.

Healthcare Reform Bill : 3/22/2010

RIP America, Thank you Democrats. : 3/21/2010
Was this the "change" that you all voted so eagerly for? So blindly for? I'll be honest, you Obama voters did not so much vote FOR Obama, as you voted AGAINST Bush. Now we all understand the Bush problem, and where it left us, but honestly, voting Obama in was more of a reaction than a thought process. You people would have voted for a head of lettuce if we could nominate one, anything but bush. And I understand that, I do. But your "I want to relive my childhood 60/70's mentality" and vote in "Hope" and "Change" and other basically undefineable words has left us with a completely inexperienced man in the office, allowing Rohm to do his dirty work, and who has, in the last year, actually effectuated NO, yes NO, change whatsoever.
This health care bill will bankrupt the nation. Most of us will be dead and buried when it actually happens, but like Social Security, it will place an excess burden on our economy, taxing us further, and removing profit, incentive, motivation, and responsibility, from our country's citizenship. We will become european-ized, we will pay an even greater percentage of our "income" to government agencies, and within the next 20 years, will be wholly subservient to our new Chinese masters, much the same way that europe is subservient to the United States.
Don't feel guilty for living in the country at the very top of the food chain. Don't allow your inner baby-boomer guilt to consume you, and for the love of God, don't allow yourselves to lose focus of the larger global picture. Once this country loses its primacy, we are dead, buried, and insignificant. Anything that pushes us down that road, including the extra burden of this socialistic health care bill, speeds that fall.

Healthcare : 3/20/2010
There is no question that we need some reform in this area. However, we should not give up the American way to do it. That is what we all have to look forward to. The next big issue will be immigration reform. The Obama administration & the same members of the House who voted for Healthcare reform will pass some kind of legislation allowing every illegal immigrant citizenship without any consequences. Tim Bishop is evidently a wimp, afraid to stand up to Madam Pelosi, et al to do the right thing. We'll REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!

bishop : 3/20/2010
This guy has been on a gravy train paid for by taxpayers for way too long. Time to go, lap dog. Please let's get rid of this clown in November.

bishop : 3/20/2010
Gee, what a suprise, Bishop voting for what his party tells him to vote for. I'm truly shocked.

comments : 3/20/2010
Bishop made the right call. It's easy for everyone who already has health insurance to be against this. To bad people under 25 don't vote because he new generation of workers will not be getting pensions and/or benefits for life like their parents did. They need this. Bishop showed some real gumption.

Health care : 3/20/2010
This so called Health care bill , which is really a very bad insurance policy. YOU WILL BE FORCED TO BUY ! Ben Franklin said Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty or Safety.. Remember Ross Perot ? What he ran against , The World Trade Organization. He said , If you the Congress vote for the W T O The peoples jobs will move out of the United States . What were we told ? , We will help other countries become rich ,so they can buy our goods. Perot said , NOT TRUE, your jobs will leave the country,Who was right ? Congress said at that time the same GARBAGE they are saying now , We will be much better off. DO you think you and our Country are better now or in the 1980,s ? This is a garbage bill and a LIE , Check Out what the President really thinks on U Tube I believe it was in 2007 , He told the truth then , Remember Joe ,the Plumber,and what he said to him? Check out U Tube . VOTE THESE BUMBS OUT PEOPLE , THEY DON'T THINK MUCH OF YOU ! THEY HAVE THEIR SAY NOW, IN NOVEMBER 2010, Let them know what you think of them.

BYE BYE BISHOP : 3/20/2010
When I moved out to eastern LI, I needed Bishop to help me with an issue. He failed miserably. No response from him or his office. I guess he was too busy kissing Pelosi, Reid and Schumer's backside. Several years later he is sitll kissing their backsides. His ability to understand the constitution is both laughable and pathetic. I am sick and tired of him and his cronies telling us that Americans must be like the rest of the world. I don't want to be like the rest of the world. I am PROUD to be an American. An independent thinker and not part of the "crowd." I don't want to assimilate like the rest of the world. That is how our country started. Our Bill of Rights guarantees us many things including the fact that our government needs to stay out of our everyday lives!!
Bishop, I want you out of my life! In November, you and many of your cronies will be out of office.

Bishop Votes Yes : 3/20/2010
Thank You Mr. Bishop for your vote. You did the right thing. Are all the people who are agianst the bill already covered by health insurance? "I Got Mine" so too bad for the rest of you poor suckers? Is that what's behind your resentment?

Have a nice retirement, Tim Bishop : 3/20/2010
Once again, Tim Bishop shows his true colors! I GUARANTEE that this foolish decision will end his forgetful reign over the first congressional district. America, we need to speak up in November, and PLEDGE to remove from office every EVERY SINGLE Congressional member who voted for this OUTRAGEOUS BILL!!!

: 3/20/2010

Health Care : 3/20/2010
I am deeply disturbed that you would vote yes on the HEALTH CARE BILL. This is entirely wrong for Seniors in your Community. As usual the Democrats are still trying to Ram through a Bill that is not good for theAmerican people and will add to the deficit . You do not represent the people . I will not vote for you in the next Election.

bone head bishop : 3/20/2010
as the song goes by by miss american pie , and by by bishop i hope to be first in line to pull the lever in nov by by!!!!!

Toast : 3/19/2010
Mrs Pelosi Bishop,
Your lack of courage, and inability to represent your consituents renders you an ineffectual representitive. Therefore you are toast in November. Enjoy retirement.

You are History Mr. Bishop : 3/19/2010
There was no doubt you would vote with Pelossi and against the vast majority of your constituents. For that, comes November, you will be voted out of office. I'm retired and I have all the time I need to go door to door in your district (my district) to urge voters to vote against you and you can bet I WILL. You're a scum and unworthy of the office you hold.

healthcare : 3/19/2010
He was always a yes vote , the party was going to let him vote no and hide under the bed . Now he has to vote ! He a lemming and does as the party tells him . Thats what that baloney about not reaching a decision was all about , he hasn't made his own decision since he's been elected ! He even supports Illegal Aliens ! Let's vote him out before that gets rammed through .

Bishop is Pelosi's lap dog : 3/19/2010
Few months back, Congressman Bishop published a letter addressed to Nancy Pelosi stating that he would not support the Senate Health Care Bill. Now he is for it. Speaker Pelosi must have pulled back on the leash a bit. Heel! We know who is the boss here and it is not Congressman Bishop's constituents.

The End of Bishop : 3/19/2010

That's the end of his political career, period. A man who was only marginally accepted by his electorate just lost the margin he needed to succeed. He is done.

NOW : 3/19/2010
Open letter to Members of congress about health care reform :

Dear Members of congress ,
Here are some questions for You :

1 - Why are we the only industrial country on earth to not have health care for all? Look at all of the countries in Europe ,England ,France , Italy ,Germany , Japan , Korea ,Canada,Israel ,Spain , ...... Even dictatorship countries like Cuba ,Iran ......offer health care for their citizens .
Do you think we are smarter than the rest of the world? If you say we can not afford it, then why can we afford $ 700 billions a year or $ 7 trillion in 10 years on military ( spent on bombs & guns ) ?
What do you expect people around the world to think of us when they see us bringing an injured Dog from Iraq to the United States for treatment ,while we left 50 millions of our own people without medical care ? For sure, they will think We are insane !!!.
Is your heart breaking when you see thousands of people get in line at midnight under cold weather each time they have FREE check up ? How about a woman, who will never have the chance to see a doctor in 27 years ?

2 - Do you and your family have health insurance? If Yes, then why not 50 millions of your fellow citizens have it ?

3 - How would you feel when any member of your family dies because of having no health insurance ? Think about 45 thousands of your fellow citizens and children dying every year because of the lack of health care .

4 - Children are the future of this country. How can our sick, unhealthy children, and young adults can compete with the Chinese , Japanese , and European children in the future? Our nation will be strong or not depend on their health , why not invest on them for a healthy nation ? .

5 - Millions of people use Emergency rooms as primary care .Thousands of Americans file bankruptcy every year because of health care bills, and at the end we still have to pay for them anyway, so why can't you find the smarter way out?

6 - Why do we spend the most on health care but still have 50 millions without health care with a broken system?
7- why don't You learn anything from housing crisis ? Like housing cost in the past. Health care cost now is sky rocket and many experts predict the next big crisis will be health care so millions of our people will die if health care reform failed.

Businesses & companies have to pay too much for health care and our products became more expensive, compare to other countries.
Many talent & skilled people are being wasted because they have to do the job they don't like for health care.
Many inventions & new ideas never became new business because the system holds people as hostages, and people can not open business because they are afraid of losing their health insurance.
No wonder unemployment is so high because Jobs can not be created.
Once the health care reform pass , many skills & talents will be discovered, and new businesses will be open with new inventions and new ideas .American products will be exported around the world instead of being imported too much from China, and many jobs will be created .
Super powered, special interests have super voices, but millions of families have no voice. Many commented from the Internet ,media may be posted by special interests, and millions of people may not even have Internet access .
Please forget about politic, It can be half empty & half full bottle of water story .
Many people that support or oppose, may not tell the full story . Think about the old times all of us believed the earth was flat. Remember back at the time when many of us believed Women should not be allowed to vote?
Not long ago 80 % of people opposed medicare & social security bill at that time.
After 9/11 80 % of us believed war on Irag was a good idea. Sometimes, special interest controls the story, and tell people the story they want and control the minds of the people, so please forget about politics.
Please stand up and do what is right for the future of our country. I believe if you vote YES on health care reform, history will remember you as hero of our great nation.

Take an action , pass health care reform NOW.

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